Rabu, 31 Mei 2017

Media Hibernate

Chris C. Anderson, LinkedIn
4 years as a #journalist, almost half my age as #PR person, and now specifically working in the realm of #mediamonitoring and #predictiveanalysis, all of which unfortunately being my 'curse'. Ironically, and much frequently, "news" become one of the things I avoid just to stay sane. Then, I really understand what Chris C. Anderson means in this post. Though questions about keeping the equilibrium still popping here and there ...

Chris said:

The news has been overwhelming lately. The terrorist attack on children in Manchester, the barrage of Trump revelations, Chris Cornell suicide and more. It's exhausting. While we should all strive to be informed, there's no shame in tuning out for a bit. Unless of course you work in a newsroom. Whenever you feel the news dragging you down, I recommend stepping back from it for a while. Take a breather. Turn off your news app and social media alerts for a couple days or weeks, only browse the Internet when necessary and generally try to remember there's so much in the world that you can't control. But you can control your daily life, if you spend time with your family and friends, impacting your local community or taking time to focus on yourself. The news will always be there when you're ready to jump back into the tornado. Now please excuse me as I'm going to spend the day with my wife and daughter.

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